As a Foton dealership, Weifang Bene-farm International Trading Co.,Ltd specialise in the supply and service of Foton tractors and parts for all of your farming, acreage, agricultural and landscaping needs. These high-quality tractors are easy to handle and dependable whether you're mowing, plowing, pulling a wagon or raking and baling hay.


Product characteristics:

1) Fashionable and streamline outline design, full-sealed cab, panoramic glass door and window, and air conditioning, warm air system, and audio system are optional for installation.

2) Imported Germany LUK clutch and Italy CARRARO front drive axle are employed, with structure advanced, operation more flexible and reliability high.

3) Pressure lifter featuring strong lifting force is used to ensure the tools depth into the earth, and the furrowing and rotary plowing effect is better; Bosch Rexroth electric controlled hydraulic system is optional for achieving the pressure adjustment, location adjustment, and pressure & location adjustment.

4) Equipped with domestic and overseas renowned engines like Lovol and Perkins, featuring advanced performance and strong power.

Parameter Items

Parameter Value



Maximum power of power takeoff shaft

91 kW



Length (including rear suspension)

5350 mm


3400 mm

Height (to the top of silencing device)

3030 mm


2688 mm

Wheel distance


Front wheel

1900 mm

Rear wheel

2330(Double row) mm

Structure mass

6600 kg

Minimum operation mass

7460 kg

Minimum turning radius

7 m




1006-6TWRT145(Lovol engines)


Inline, water cooling, 4-stroke, direct injection type

Number of cylinder


Cylinder diameterstroke

100127(Lovol engines)/ 108125(YUCHAI)mm


6 L

Rated power

106.6 kW

Rated rotary speed

2400 r/min

Max. torque/rotary speed

488/1500-1700 Nm/r/min



Clutch model

Dry type, single, double action, normal engaged type/


16F +16R

Differential lock

Four planetary bevel gear, close type

Running speed

Forward:3.2932.77Reverse:2.59 27.09 Km/h

Hydraulic system



Open center, split type

Hydraulic output valve


System pressure

18 MPa

3-point suspension

Three-point rear suspension, category II and III

Regulating method

Normal enforced pressure lifter: floating and position controlElectric controlled lifter: controlled by force, position, force and position combined, floating, down pulling rod

Max. lifting force at 610mm behind suspending point

28 kN

Steering type

Front wheel hydraulic steering

Power takeoff shaft CRear



rear independent type


35 21/35 6/38 8/45 20

Rotary speed

540/1000 r/min

Traction /towing


Traction device


Swing link type

Distance to the ground

315 mm

Towing device

U type hanger

Type specification


Standard: front wheel /rear wheel

14.9-28/18.4-38(rear double row)

Filling capacity


Engine radiator

28 L

Fuel tank

320 L

Engine oil pan

22 L

Hydraulic and steering oil

5 L

Oil for transmission system

110 L


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